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    "As a Church grows larger, it must grow smaller"  



    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What Are Connect Groups?

    Connect Groups is the name of the adult small group ministry at First church. These groups are gatherings of 5 to 15 people meeting regularly who are committed to studying, sharing, and serving together. Small groups provide a time and place to move out of the pews and learn to love and be loved, know others and be known by them, and to serve other's needs and be served by them in Christian fellowship. The goal of these groups is to deepen relationships by drawing people closer together and closer to God in community.

    Why Do We Have Connect Groups?

    We follow the model of the early New Testament churches who met together regularly as described in Acts 2:42-47. "They met day after day, in the Temple Courts and from house to house.

    What Do Connect Groups Do?

    Each small group will:

    Study the Bible: Some groups will study a book of the Bible, others will choose a study book to read and discuss. Others will choose relevant topics for study to assist them in living out the Christian faith.

    Share with members of their group how God is working in their lives. The members will share joys and concerns with each other and become a support group to one another. They will also pray for one another.

    Serve God together by providing a specific ministry within the church, community, or world at large to advance the work of Christ.

    Where And When Do Connect Groups Meet?

    Small groups can meet anywhere and everywhere - homes, offices, restaurants, and yes, even the church building. Small groups can meet at any time that the group members agree upon.


    How Long Do Connect Groups Meet?

    Some groups will meet for a six to 10 week period for a special study. Other groups will be on-going.

    What About My Kids?

    Some groups will meet at the church building on Sunday or Wednesday evening, and childcare is provided through scheduled children's programming. In addition, groups can meet WITH their children and members take turns teaching the kids a lesson while the adults meet together. Other groups may choose to hire a babysitter(s) for the kids

    How Do I Get More Information on Connect Groups?

    Contact Gene Andrews