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    The purpose of the Ladies Circles are to be Servant Shepherds.  These Circles help meet the physical needs of the church while creating opportunities to meet other ladies within the church and to develop a small "family" with that of First Church.

    First Church has three ladies circles: Esther, Rebekah, and Lydia. Meetings are once a month on the first Tuesday after the first Sunday in each month. 

    Esther Circle meets at the church in room 102 for lunch at 11:00 PM and is often referred to as the "Daytime Circle".  Bring your own lunch and join the Esther Circle. 

    Lydia and Rebekah Circles meet at the church building or in the homes of Circle members  at 7:00 PM. The hostess will provide a light snack and devotion.  For the safety of our ladies, security is provided during the Ladies Circles evening meetings.

    The circles have one joint meeting each year in October.  Ladies who wish to be a part of a circle are invited to attend this or any meeting, and may contact the Church Office for more information..

    One of the Ladies Circles major ministry is to help people in special times of need.  These include checking on our Shut Ins in our Church family.  We deliver "Sunshine Baskets" filled with small "thinking of you" items.  The Ladies Circles also help provide needed items for the nursery, children's rooms and/or kitchen.  The Circles enjoy taking cake and ice cream once a month to the Claire Manor residents in honor of their birthdays and also remember these residents during the holidays.

    Each Circle has 1 or 2 children from Open Door Ministries to remember with cards and money on their birthdays.  The children also receive gifts on the special occasions.

    The communion duties for the Sanctuary Worship service are rotated during the year.  Ladies volunteer to pickup the communion cups, wash and dry the trays, and refill with new cups for the next week.

    In the case of a death within the Church Family, the Ladies Circles provide help and encouragement by taking food to the families who have lost loved ones.  The ladies assist feeding the family of church members after a funeral, if a meal is requested.

    Contact the Church Office at office@firstchurchofchrist.net to get connected in a Ladies Circle.